CNR IOM Lead Partner

Istituto officina materiali of National Research Council

Trieste, Italy

Mission and Identity

The Institute of Materials Workshop (Iom) of the National Research Council (Cnr) is an interdisciplinary research center that combines synthesis of materials, advanced characterizations and numerical simulations, focusing on the study and development of innovative materials and devices at the nanoscale. Center of excellence in the nanotechnology field and national reference point for the management and access to large synchrotron light and neutron scattering infrastructures, the Cnr-Iom, was established in 2010 by combining experiences, skills and instrumentation from National Institute of Physics of Matter - INFM.

The mission of the institute is to bring new knowledge on the fundamental processes that determine the functionality of physical, chemical and biological systems, on the properties of advanced materials and their manufacture, with repercussions in the fields of nano sciences and nano technologies.



Today, Iom is spread over 3 locations and 2 joint research units:

Headquarters @ AREA Science Park, Trieste
Simulation Center @ SISSA, Trieste
SLACS Laboratory @ University of Cagliari
Research unit of Grenoble, @ Grenoble, France
Research Unit of Perugia, @ University of Perugia

Iom also manages 7 beamlines at Sincrotrone Trieste, 1 beamline at ESRF grenoble and two beamlines at ILL - Grenoble.


c/o Area Science Park - Basovizza Strada Statale 14 km 163,5 - 34149 Trieste

Principal Investigators

Simone Dal Zilio
Scientist in charge
Marco Lazzarino
Scientist in charge
Responsible of MOKE apparatus and the XPS-XMCD system at the APE-HE beamline.

Main techniques

Microscopy and Nano-Characterization
• Microscopia ettronica a scansione (SEM) • Microscopia a fascio di ioni (FIB) • Profilometria ottica e a stilo
Micro e Nano fabbrication
• Coating: Sputtering, thermal and electron beam evaporation, Plasma enhanced Chemical vapor deposition, spin coating, doctor blade, high temperature