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Are you looking for a solution in your productive process? Do you have a problem you can't solve? Are you looking for new ideas? Enter NanoRegion and sign up on our portal: we have got a nanotechnological answer to your needs.

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Now starts a dialogue with the NanoRegion’s experts. You can visit the network facilities or invite an expert to your company. You will find research centers and advanced nanotechnology laboratories. And you can talk to a NanoRegion consultant in search of new solutions.

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NanoRegion researchers are available for you to find a solution to your production needs. They will asssist you in writing a proposal to highlight problems and implement strategies.

4 Poc - Proof of concept

Finally the network selects for you the most appropriate experts for your goal. The portal has different levels to exchange contents and it identify instruments and structures, and carry out methods and processes. Small we can!

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The project

 - What - 


An interreg Ita-Slo project

Nanoregion is a three-year (2019-2022) interreg Ita-Slo project consisting of a network of research centers and dedicated nanotechnology laboratories made available to small and medium-sized enterprises.

 - Where - 


A territory between Italy, Slovenia and Croatia

It was born in a territory between north-eastern Italy, Slovenia and Croatia. This area is rich in scientific excellence, on the one hand, and a traditional and dynamic industry on the other. Nanoregion is a bridge between these worlds.


 - Why - 


Scientific-technological skills to enhance the industries

It starts from the belief that the great scientific and technological expertise of the area can enhance industries and make them increasingly competitive, and from the conviction that nanotechnologies will play a central role in this process.



 - For Who - 


Aimed at all businesses

Aimed at all local businesses that have a specific problem to solve, those that want to grow, change their business model or improve the production process. All companies that dare and look to the future.


Partecipa al
Mostrare, attraverso una narrazione per immagini, ciò che le nanotecnologie sono e possono essere.

Success stories

ST Microelectronics

From the technological impasse to a new market. ST Microelectronics show us how an expensive technology designed for precision applications can be rethought and create such a revolutionary market that we could no longer think of living without it.


SILMECO SERS substrates are used to detect minute quantities of chemicals, explosives, food adulterants or illicit drugs, and much more.

Pacific Bioscience

The revolutionary intuition of writing the genome instead of reading it, taking advantage of the system already present within living systems and used daily in cell duplication.

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The NanoRegion Team