Center of Excellence for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology - CO Nanocenter

Lubljana, Slovenia

Mission and Identity

Nanocenter Center of Excellence is an infrastructure center which offers expert measurements, analysis and industry-leading techniques for materials analysis and processing. Center enables researchers from institutes/universities and industry developers to access to cutting-edge research equipment and provide training for new users.
We participate in national and international projects (EU H2020, ERC, Interreg).
The vision of CO Nanocenter is to consolidate the role of the infrastructure partner and to increase awareness of the open access equipment.



We offer the use of various equipment for characterization, synthesis and processing to qualified users.

Principal Investigators

Dragan Mihailović
Principal Investigator
Gregor Kapun
Bojan Ambrožič
Damjan Svetin
Maša Klenovšek
Technical support
Martina Knavs
Project management

Main techniques

SEM-FIB Microscopy
Technique is used for cross-sectional analysis, nano-pattering, TEM sample preparation, 3D tomography and deposition of thin conductive or dielectric
Direct laser lithography
Technique is used in the field of micro-scale technology, microfluidics and optofluidics, nanotechnology, microelectronics, and enables microstructuri
Raman spectroscopy
La tecnica fornisce una caratterizzazione spettroscopica e microscopica completa di vari materiali
Optical Elipsometry
As a non-destructive technique it is suitable for investigation of surfaces, interfaces and thin films. Extension to the NIR region is a specialty of

Our Instruments

Accurion nanofilm EP3se
Spectroscopic Nulling Imaging Elipsometer
Direct laser lithography system
Dual Beam Helios Nanolab 650
Dual Beam FIB-SEM system
Veeco Dimension 3100