RRA Zeleni kras

Pivka, Slovenia

Mission and Identity

RRA Zeleni kras, d.o.o. (RDA Green Karst, Ltd) is a non-profit organization founded in the year 2000 which functions as a regional development agency in accordance with the Promotion of Balanced Regional Development Act in the area of the municipalities of Bloke, Cerknica, Loška dolina, Ilirska Bistrica, Pivka and Postojna.

We represent an operational structure offering organizational, technical and professional support to the development of the region with the following services:

  • project preparation, execution and supervision,
  • training the public and private sector for a successful absorption of national and European funds,
  • coordination between all responsible subjects for regional development,
  • consulting and education,
  • informing,
  • communication and promotion of the region.

RDA Green Karst’s operations are project-based and the company also secures funds for its operation on the market. Three organizational units are set up as part of RDA Green Karst:

  • Destination Management Organisation Postojna Cave-Green Karst (DMO)
  • Centre for Innovation and Development (CID)
  • LAS Notranjska (Local Action Group Notranjska)



RDA Green Karst performs the following tasks:

  • performs services connected with the preparation and execution of projects and regional structural politics;
  • accelerates local and regional development in the economic, social, spatial and environmental fields;
  • conducts consultations and accelerates the development of small businesses;
  • manages a scholarship scheme for the Primorsko-notranjska Region;
  • conducts consultations in the field of innovation and technological development;
  • prepares, coordinates and supervises the execution of the regional development programme;
  • conducts training programmes;
  • conducts other activities for regional development.

RDA also conducts other business services




RDA Zeleni kras doo Traversa 1 6257 Beer

Principal Investigators

Dunja Mahne
Polona Zevmik