Technology Park Ljubljana

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Mission and Identity

Technology park Ljubljana is a 3rd generation contemporary Technology park, located in Slovenia (established in 1995) and with currently over 300 members in the network. As such Technology park is the leader of service development for entrepreneurs and SMEs in Slovenia and is recognized as a best practice example both by IASP and European Commission. As such we provide a state-of-the-art support environment through services and infrastructure which is used for development of high value-added products and services by our entrepreneurs. Through development of the start-up sector we can directly capitalize on technological and business innovations in the market and consequently we have evolved into the largest business innovative hub in SE Europe. A big portion of our activities is represented by development and implementation of specialized programs for evaluating innovative ideas, motivating and educating talents, as well as creation of new knowledge based companies and connecting them in value chains and lastly boosting their growth through mentoring and access to finances.  As such we are certified coaches of KIC Climate. Furthermore, through projects and partnerships we have gathered experience in innovation audits tools, technology transfer, commercialization and valorisation of research and innovation for our companies/members as well as for the territory of Slovenia. Our extensive experience is seen in our reputation and engagement in developing ecosystem not only in Slovenia but in other countries in SE Europe as well. In creation of success stories, we cooperate with Slovenian and foreign institutions, companies, and we are the initiator and member of Slovenian association of technology parks and incubators, a strategic partner of a Start-up Slovenia initiative and member of IASP. Due to reach experiences in entrepreneurship development we are a key member in our national and cross border entrepreneurship ecosystem.



  • 75.000 m2 high quality infrastructure 300+ companies with 1,500+ employees
  • Smart city & living services and programs
  • XR/VR Lab
  • Smart Makers Lab
  • community
  • Network of FabLabs & OpenLabs



Tehnološki park 19 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia