Primorski Technology Park

Goriška, Slovenia

Mission and Identity

Primorski tehnološki park (PTP) was established in 2000 as a support institution for entrepreneurship development in the Goriška region, Slovenia. Technology park acts as a promoter, motivator and facilitator of the creative entrepreneurial ecosystem of the region. Technology Park is officially entrusted by Slovenian government to develop and implement innovation support programmes for SMEs. The central role of PTP is to promote entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation among young and potential entrepreneurs by organization of modern training programmes of learning in accordance with the Design Thinking methodology, Lean and Agile entrepreneurship etc. PTP connects SMEs, corporations, educational institutions, researchers, mentors and investors into the dynamic Start-up community. It organizes workshops and expert courses for different target groups and is a cofounder of Slovenian incubators associations and a member of Start:up initiative.

Primorski tehnološki park’s business community is a valuable source of knowledge, experience and mentorship. Technology park branded its activities within GoStart-up activities, such as: GoStart-up coworking and offices, GoStart-up school, GoStart-up master, GoStart-up mentorship, GoStart-up Club and GoStart-up Workshops.

Primorski tehnološki park is also internationally focused, as we want to contribute do establishment of high-quality cross-border ecosystem to further support and grow innovative start-ups, entrepreneurs and investors, and to create conditions for creating innovation within existing and new businesses. PTP is involved in numerous international projects, such as BOOST-IT, PRO PLUS, A.N.I.S., T-LAB, SMART INNO, RETINA, EMBRACE, DIVA, NANOregion and others.



Primorski tehnološki park is located at the border between Gorizia (Italy) and Nova Gorica (Slovenia). Our premises are located along the highway that connects Venice with Ljubljana, and we are only 30 km from Trieste Airport. Due to its strategic location and modern environment, young and larger companies from Italy, Slovenia, the wider Europe and the world are meeting with us. Technology park is a meeting point where one can foster innovation and creativity and connect with other enterprising individuals.

We offer coworking, as well as offices and workshops; Primorski tehnološki park has more than 5,000 m2 of net space consisting of offices, workshops, warehouses, common areas, meeting rooms and lecture halls. We use and rent offices of different sizes (15-100 m2).

We provide high-speed Internet access (optics) and a landline phone, and free Wi-Fi is available in the common areas. Entry to the premises is possible 24/7. There is ample free parking in front of the building.

Meeting rooms and lecture halls; In the office building of the Primorski tehnološki park we offer well-equipped premises for business meetings, conference events, seminars, workshops and training. There is a meeting room for up to 16 people, two small lecture rooms with 66 seats and one large lecture room with 118 seats. The classrooms are equipped with a projector, dashboards, sound system and multimedia device. Free Wi-Fi is available in the classrooms and common areas.



Mednarodni prehod 6, Vrtojba 5290 Šempeter pri Gorici Slovenija

Principal Investigator

Bojana Cipot
Lead Manager at PTP for NANOREGION
Head of International Cooperation and Project Management at Primorski tehnološki park